Community Information Market
Is a web-based, information repository that connects conscious consumers with ethical producers. Our data enables better purchasing decisions to help build a more sustainable society.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ----We are not an online marketplace, but an invaluable information source that arms you, the ethical consumers with the information you need to select the most cost effective, socially and ecologically responsible suppliers for your community.                                              ----- In Cimarket you will be able to develop the best products at a fair price, together, with the suppliers that are really open to show their knowledge and you will be able to verify and check that you are building a sustainable society.

Why.......The primary objective of ciMarket is to provide you, the consumer with the Information necessary to select the goods and services best aligned with your own needs and Community values. Our long term goal is to provide information that will balance the needs of customer, supplier and community in a sustainable way.

How it Works...... The key to successfully leveraging ciMarket is to recognize that it all begins with you, your needs and the common awareness within your community of consumers. The first step is to join. ciMarket is free for community consumers who wish to participate. Next, you use the ciMarket data to select and purchase from those companies that best match your communities needs and values. This consumer feedback will encourage suppliers to focus their efforts to providing better product / service and information to you rather than spending resources on marketing. We charge participating suppliers an initial 2% transaction fee for any sale to ciMarket member customers, but after covering ciMarket operating expenses, the supplier will experience a savings as their sales transaction fee decreases proportionally .

Information.......ciMarket gathers information from suppliers and retailers, and validates it with transparent, 3rd party statistical procedures. We supply you with the information you need to make apple-to-apple purchasing comparisons. We divert money usually spent on advertising to building the best consumer dataset possible so that you receive only hard facts instead of advertising fiction to base your purchasing decision on.

Property and Governance....... ciMarket's legal property structure will be decided together with you, our members customers, Along with governance, it will strive to meet high levels of transparency.At ciMarket we encourage to Customers Members to continually help to improve the best practices of transparency into its legal corporate structure, purchasing decisions and governance. We make all of this open to the public:1.- ciMarket does not exist to maximize profits or concentrate wealth; our aim is to change our personal consumption behavior that will allow communities to reach a better standard of life.2.- ciMarket employs transparent Open Book Accounting practices; financial statements are audited and available to public scrutiny online.3.- ciMarket defines ¨Maximum Income¨ to limit our profits as a social enterprise and pass on the savings to participating suppliers, that´s why when the sales volume of participating suppliers is large enough to cover ciMarket operating expenses, the 2% supplier sales transaction fee decreases in proportion.4.- Monthly ratios of efficiency are tracked.

Community....... We create it when we connect to each other on the ciMarket platform. By sharing our common needs, we also become aware of how we can support each other. ciMarket enables community building through the web, but also by showing members their collective buying patterns. ciMarket unleashes the power of democratic purchasing, selecting those companies that best match our community values and needs.

Virtual Money .......

ciMarket will employ blockchain technology to create and supply its own secure community digital money. 

We incorporate the use of cryptocurrency as a way to generate commitment and community participation between suppliers members who accept this method of payment and customers Members who prefer to buy from them. 

ciMarket will strive for a 1:1 exchange rate between its cryptocurrency and ordinary local money. The 1:1 rate of exchange will prevent unusable and extractive speculations.

ciMarket dataset is open source and we adopt best practices of the peer-to-peer and commons community. More information can be found at www.